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Listed below are the members of Rockwall Bar Association:


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Member Name Business/Organization Name
Melissa Alban   
Gayle Albritton    Albritton & Albritton
John Albritton    Albritton & Albritton
A. Aldinger   
Reed Allmand    Allmand Law Firm PLLC
Ashley Anderson    Rockwall County District Attorney's Office
H. Andrews   
Richard Archibald    Horton & Archibald, P.C.
Gary Arey    Rockwall County District Attorney's Office
Brian Arnold   
Chistopher Ash    Shaver & Ash, PLLC
Christopher Ash    Fishman Jackson Shaver Ash
KC Ashmore    Chamblee Ryan Kershaw Anderson
Monica Barnard   
Chad Baruch   
Charles Baruch   
Rengin Bektyhar    Timpa Law Office
Bill Bell   
C Biles   
Mickey Bonesio    Law Office of W. Michael Bonesio
David Bower   
Betsy Branch    The Branch Law Firm, PLLC
Barry Brooks    Brooks Ross, PLLC
John Browning    Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith
Dana Bruce    Pryor & Bruce
Kathleen Burnett   
Jeff Butler   
Kimberly Buttram    Kimberly Buttram, PLLC
John Byrom   
Lisa Cain   
Cory Carlyle    Law Office of Cory L. Carlyle
Pamela Cherry    Holmes, Diggs & Eames
Julie Christensen    Jordan Houser & Flournoy, LLP
Steve Clary    Law Offices of Steven Clary
Jenny Cloud    Steed Flagg Lamberth LLP
Jeff Coen    Jeff Coen Mediations
Dennis Conder    Stacy & Conder, LLP
Brian Corrigan    Law Office of Brian Corrigan
David Couch    Law Firm of David G. Couch, P.C.
Shawn Council   
Curt Covington    Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, P.C.
J. Cowan   
Anthony Cox    Hermes Sargent Bates
Kenda Culpepper    Rockwall County District Attorney's Office
Dennis Davis    Law Offices of Renshaw, Davis & Ferguson, L.L.P.
Jason Day    City of Royse City
Kashima Dumas    Legal Aid of Northwest Texas
Billy Dunnill    Steed Flagg Lamberth LLP
Rex Dwyer    Dwyer Law Firm
Terese Easter    Law Office of Terese Easter
Tyler Eaton    Rockwall County District Attorney's Office
Lauren Ellis    Rockwall County District Attorney's Office
Alton Estrada    Law Office of Estrada & Estrada
Shannon Estrada    Law Offices of Estrada & Estrada
Julie Fecht    Law Office of Kim Timpa
G. Fettinger   
Suzanne Fichtel   
Neal Flagg    Steed Flagg Lamberth LLP
Bill Flannery, III    William J. Flannery, III PC
Amy Ganci    Ganci, LLP
Kevin Ganci    Ganci, LLP
Joselito Giron   
Bonnie Goldstein    Bonnie Lee Goldstein, P.C.
Michael Goodman   
Robert Gordon   
Greg Gray    The Law Offices of Greg Gray
John Gussio   
Kristy Gussio    Gussio Law Office
Blakeley Hall   
Brett Hall   
Justin Hall    Law Office of Justin K. Hall, P.C.
Tina Hall    The Law Offices of Tina M. Hall, PLLC
John Hallman   
Larry Hance    Hance Law Group, PC
Elizabeth Handschuch    Dedman & Handschuch
Timothy Hartley   
Clayton Hearn   
Dale Henley    Mayo, Mendolia & Vice LLP
Rocio Hernandez    Mayo Mendolia & Vice, LLP
Rusty Hill    Steed Flagg Lamberth LLP
Charles Holt    Law Office of Charles Holt
Ray Hopson    Law Office of Raymond L. Hopson
Sandy Horan    Horan & Horan
Thomas Horan, II    Rockwall County District Attorney's Office
Garon Horton    Horton & Archibald, P.C.
Bill Houser    Jordan, Houser & Flournoy, LLP
Lindsay Hudson    TransFirst Holdings, Inc.
Cindy Hughes    Hoagland, Farish & Palmarozzi
Guy Hull, II   
Alex Imgrund    Rockwall County District Attorney's Office
Pamela Isaacson   
Linda Jaffe    Law Office of Linda M. Jaffe
Stephen Jager    The Jager Law Firm
Carla Jaroch   
Tim Jeffrey   
Andrew Johnson   
Douglas Johnson   
Douglas Johnson   
Price Johnson    The Johnson Firm
Fred Kolodey    Fred Kolodey, Attorney
William Kortemier    Law Office of William F. Kortemier, II
Wayne Lacy   
Brad Lamberth    Steed Flagg Lamberth LLP
Katherine Laws    Steed Flagg Lamberth LLP
Blair Leake   
Erin Leake   
Paul Leake   
Jason Lee    Law Office of Susan Satterwhite, PC
Ryan Lee    Law Offices Of G. David Smith P.C.
Andrew Leonie    Office of Attorney General
Sheridan Lewis   
Timothy Linden   
John Litzler    Steed Flagg Lamberth LLP
Bill Lofland   
Bob Lyon    Robert Lyon & Associates
Ted Lyon   
Nathan Majors    The Majors Firm, PLLC
David Mallard    Law Offices of David S. Mallard
Crystal Marchersoni    Mayo Mendola & Vice, LLP
Ben Massar   
Johannes Massar   
Jeffrey Mateer   
Robert McAngus   
Katherine Metcalf   
Pamela Miley    Law Office of Pamela S. Miley
Chuck Miller    Charles E. Miller, Jr., P.C.
Tiffany Miller    Law Offices of David E. Rohlf
Dan Monte   
Kyle Morrow   
Jason Mueller    Locke Lord
Robert Murphy   
Sid Murphy    Steed Flagg Lamberth LLP
Aaron Nadeau    Steed Flagg Lamberth LLP
Melina Neely    Jordan Houser & Flournoy LLP
Heather Nichols   
Nancy Norris   
Margaret O'Connor    The Law Office of Margaret Lovell O'Connor
Felicia Oliphant    Rockwall County District Attorney's Office
Scott Ortiz    Law Firm of Scott Ortiz, P.C.
Cathy Penn    Cathy Mason Penn
Bryan Pope    Vincent Lopez Serafino Jenevein
Kerry Prisock    The Law Office of Kerry L. Prisock
Jamie Pruitt    The Pruitt Law Firm
Jim Pruitt    The Pruitt Law Firm
Bobby Pryor   
Mica Pryor   
Brian Pudenz    Chubb Group of Insurance Companies
David Rakow    439th Judicial District Court
Michele Ratcliffe    Steed Flagg Lamberth LLP
Troy Reimer   
Tim Reynolds    Steed Flagg Lamberth LLP
Jack Robinson, Jr   
Brent Rodine    Quilling, Selander, Lownds, Winslett & Moser, PC
Karly Rodine    Crouch & Ramey, LLP
David Rohlf   
Caroline Rose   
Jason Ross    GMR
Klint Rybicki   
Celia Sams    Law Offices of Celia M. Sams
Damita Sangermano    Rockwall County Criminal District Attorney's Office
Ted Sansom   
Susan Satterwhite    Law Office of Susan Satterwhite, PC
Bill Satterwhite   
Geoffrey Schorr   
Matt Scott    Bell, Nunnally & Martin, LLP
Justin Scroggs    Cutler-Smith, P.C.
Jeff Shell    Rockwall County District Attorney's Office
Patrick Short    Law Firm of Patrick Short
G. David Smith    Law Offices of G. David Smith, P.C.
Jennifer Smith    Rockwall County DA's Office
Jessica Smith    Garlick & Markinson
Kevin Smith   
Marlin Smith    Smith IP Services, P.C.
Robyn Smith   
Roy Stacy    Stacy & Conder
Julius Staev    Law Offices of Julius Staev
Joel Steed    Steed Flagg Lamberth LLP
Jon Stephenson    Steed Flagg Lamberth LLP
R. Stewart    Kraft & Associates
Craig Stoddart    Rockwall Co. DA's Office
Shirley Sutherland    Law Offices of Shirley Sutherland
Clint Taylor   
Jon Thatcher   
Kim Timpa    Law Office of Kim Timpa
Joe Tooley    Joe C. Tooley, Attorneys & Counselors
Sunny Tripp   
Beth Upchurch    Horton & Archibald, P.C.
Kevin Vice    Mayo Mendola & Vice, LLP
Sol Villasana    White & Wiggins, LLP
Amanda Waite   
Buford Waldrop    Buford D. Waldrop, P.C.
Jim Walker   
Victoria Warner   
Benjamin Weible   
Carrie Weir    Law Office of Carrie L. Weir
Keith Wheeler    Wheeler & Wheeler, P.C.
William Whitehill    Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP
Brian Williams    Rockwall County Court at Law
Stephani Woodward   
Susan Wright    Susan Z. Wright, Attorney-Mediator
Shannon Zacharie   
viewing 1 to 202 of 202                                           >> Next 20 >>
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